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Reconnect and trust the process. Monte Azul Center for the Arts is a customizable experience, giving you permission to play and find inspiration – in the environment as well as within – to rediscover what’s most important to you.



Monte Azul Center for the Arts caters to artists in a number of disciplines. We offer an inclusive residency program, where diversity is a creative advantage.







Mixed Media

Screen Printing



Artists are encouraged to take advantage of the Monte Azul Studio, a quality facility that is equipped with a spectacular Griffen press, screen printing equipment, and private areas. 


Monte Azul offers a selection of papers, environmentally friendly Gamblin Colors inks, paints, and other fine art implements to facilitate your creative process.



The 2,000 sq. ft. Monte Azul Studio is an airy space situated within steps of primary rainforest. Designed to take full advantage of natural light with its butterfly roof and expansive windows, the Studio features moveable walls to allow maximum flexibility. Equipped with washout areas, and moveable work tables, the space adapts easily to a number of media requirements.



The focal point of the Studio is our 1978 Griffen printing press. This manual and beautifully maintained press features an exceptionally smooth and easy to operate mechanism. The large 39"x 72" (99 x 183 cm) press bed is perfect for almost any type of printmaking, including most types of engraving, etching, monotypes, woodblock, and mixed media work.


In Casita

Your Casita, like the Studio, is designed to take full advantage of natural light, while also shielding you and your work from the effects of direct sunlight. Offering an indoor work area for your studies, sketches, writing and other light prep work, the Casitas also feature a covered terrace and private garden for outdoor studies.


Screen Printing

Monte Azul offers the option for water-based screen printing – a more environmentally friendly option than traditional oil based products. A large selection of aluminum framed screens, darkroom facility, flash dryer, implements, and outdoor washout area makes this a viable option for works on paper, canvas, fabric and mixed media.

About our Master Printmaker


Luis Astuy Losada brings to Monte Azul more than 25 years of experience in the discipline of printmaking.


After many years of formal academic and studio training in Spain and Italy, in 1998 Astuy founded the Asociación de Grabadores P.A. in Málaga, southern Spain. Through the association’s nationwide membership, Astuy was solicited to teach expert-level courses in newer techniques such as photogravure and cyanotype, and contracted by professional artists for his expert skills as Master Printmaker.


Astuy’s passion and artistry for this discipline, along with his flawless technique, are applied to guide an artist's interest in exploring or expanding their artistic lexicon. Offering his insights and experience, Astuy applies his mastery of techniques to support the artist in producing a series of works, from initial concept to materialization.

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