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Artist prints at Monte Azul, Costa Rica

Our Mission

To provide artists with busy schedules the freedom to contemplate, be inspired, and feel renewed and respected

An inspiring residency experience 

Monte Azul

Located in the foothills of Mt. Chirripó in Costa Rica, the country's highest peak, Monte Azul Center for the Arts is a residency program located on a private 100 acre (40 hectares) rainforest reserve, with more than a 1/4 mile (1,200 mts) of riverfront along the Río Chirripó Pacífico.


This artists residency program began in 2008 with an innovative focus on art, while offering a personal touch to nurture the artist’s creative process.


The program is for artists of many disciplines who want to be immersed in a world free of distractions – and feel embraced and secure to create what they came to accomplish.

Thanks to our Community of
Art Patrons

The innovative model and format of Monte Azul offer an opportunity for individuals and institutions to support the work of artists by collecting works and funding residencies through a grant and fellowship program.

For the opening season, we are happy to present four artist awards. Artists applying for a residency are automatically entered into the pool of potential awardees, who will be selected by an anonymous jury composed of professionals in the field of fine arts. 

MACA Fellowship Award

Andrés Cañas Barahona Award

The Joe & Jackie Award

Donna Uchida Writer's Award

Gamblin Color, product sponsor

About Monte Azul

Atrium Gallery Monte Azul.jpeg

2023 Expansion

Monte Azul announces the expansion of studio facilities scheduled for completion in late 2023.

The beautiful structures were designed by Monte Azul alumnus and partner at award-winning Cañas Arquitectos, Andrés Cañas Barahona.

The Chirripó Valley
Costa Rica

Monte Azul evokes a spirit of place, where you can live in the moment

Monte Azul Center for the Arts is located near the entrance to Chirripó National Park in the highlands of Costa Rica.

Nestled in primary rainforest along the majestic Chirripó Pacifico River the air and water are pure, the climate perpetually spring-like, and tranquility envelops you.

Photo of Chirripó River Valley, copyright Monte Azul


Carlos Luis Rojas Jara co-founder of Monte Azul

Carlos Rojas Jara

Carlos brings his passion for art to life as co-founder of Monte Azul Center for the Arts. A curator and former San Francisco and New York gallery owner, Carlos now devotes his counsel and experience to encourage artists to succeed in the creative process. He understands how difficult making work is – as well as the pressures that come from living the life of an artist. As one former resident shared, “Carlos gets it.” Carlos feels happiest when he is building and nurturing the core of what is central to an artist, and helping artists to realize their dreams.

Randall Langendorfer co-founder of Monte Azul

Randall Langendorfer

Before co-founding Monte Azul Center for the Arts, Randall left professional careers as a botanist and international marketer, including the dream job of Director of Product Development for Star Wars toys worldwide. You can depend on Randall for his generosity of spirit and for telling it like it is. In his element equally in a lab or studio, he inspires creativity through tactile arts such as ecological soap-making, textile arts and more. A true renaissance man, Randall is the Master Cheesemaker at Monte Azul Artisanal Cheese Company

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