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Apply to Monte Azul



Nearly 100 artists each year come to Monte Azul Center for the Arts. The intimacy of the experience is intentional.


Simple Process

To apply for a Residency, just complete the online application (below) which we will acknowledge once received and respond to shortly. 


Individual artists

The Residency program is intended for individuals, with collaborating spouses and partners with prior approval.

Facility is for adults only.

Length of Residency that's Right for You

Four-week residencies have proven to be quite successful for artists who wish to focus on their work at Monte Azul. An artist, or small group of artists, is welcome to discuss their goals and determine what works best for the artist.

Two Week Option

Many artists with personal and professional obligations outside the studio find that a two-week residency allows them enough time to focus on their work while also making it practical to arrange for other responsibilities at home. 

The fee is USD $2,000.

One Week Option

Due to demand, as of November 2019, Monte Azul designates a limited number of one-week residencies each month as an option for artists with limited time who desire the immersive experience at Monte Azul Center for the Arts. 

The fee is USD $1,350.


  • Casita offering complete privacy (kitchenette, living/bedroom, bath) with private indoor and outdoor work areas

  • Catered breakfast, lunch and dinner served family style in Communal Lounge. Vegetarian meals are offered but we are unable to accommodate some dietary restrictions.

  • Access to the Monte Azul Studio facilities

  • Some studio supplies provided, please specify your requirements

  • Travel to/from Monte Azul Center for the Arts from San Jose, Costa Rica in a modern coach where you will be picked up in San Isidro upon arrival and driven to your private casita

  • Private studio visit and discussion

About our Master Printmaker


Luis Astuy Losada brings to Monte Azul more than 25 years of experience in the discipline of printmaking.


After many years of formal academic and studio training in Spain and Italy, in 1998 Astuy founded the Asociación de Grabadores P.A. in Málaga, southern Spain. Through the association’s nationwide membership, Astuy was solicited to teach expert level courses in newer techniques such as photogravure and cyanotype, and contracted by professional artists for his expert skills as Master Printmaker.


Astuy’s passion and artistry for this discipline, along with his flawless technique, are applied guiding an interested in exploring or expanding their artistic lexicon. Offering his insights and experience, Astuy applies his mastery of techniques to support the artist in producing a series of works, from initial concept to materialization.


For additional information on the optional services for our Master Printmaker, please check the appropriate box in the application form.

Application and funding

Click the button below for application instructions.


Once your application is reviewed, we will be back in touch shortly. Approved applications will include a customized plan for your experience.

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